How do I apply for a job?

A Candidate Profile is required to apply online through Careers@Swissport. If you have applied to Swissport in United States, Canada or Munich in the past and/or submitted your CV or resume prior to November 4, 2013, you will need to re-register in order to log on to the new system. Simply select "Sign in" in the top right-hand corner or "Access my profile" on the Job Search page and click on the button "New User."

Once you have successfully registered and logged in, the system will give you an opportunity to create your Candidate Profile. Fields marked with an (*) must be completed. When you have completed the required information within a screen, click on "Save and Continue" to advance. As you move from one screen to another, the system will alert you if you have left a required field blank. You may track your progress through the series of screens on the bar at the top. It takes most users at least 20-25 minutes to complete a profile. If you begin to complete your profile and are unable to finish, you may click on "Save as Draft" and return later to complete the profile and/or apply for a vacancy. When you have completed all screens, the system will show you a summary of your profile. You may edit and print the summary before clicking on "Submit." You will receive an e-mail acknowledgment confirming the receipt of your profile. You may update your Candidate Profile at any time.

Once you have registered you candidate profile, you can search for a job in the system that you would like to apply for and click on the Apply link from the job list or the ┬┤Apply Online┬┤ button from the job description page.